Phoenix MP

1000 – 12000

Multi-Pass Hybrid Heat Recovery Ventilation System

The Phoenix MP is able to out perform alternative equipment formats by utilising two separate plate heat recuperators for increased potential for heat recovery from any pool room air exhausted to outside, along with offering enhanced ‘free’ cooling.

Key features:

  • Multi-pass system – increased heat recovery potential from exhausted pool room air
  • UK building regulations compliant for both residential & non-residential pools
  • Dual function dehumidifying and expelled room air heat pump
  • Full rate fresh air ventilation with multi ‘Cross Flow’ heat recuperators
  • ‘Blue-EC’ ultra efficient digital inverter fan system
  • ‘Auto fan’ intelligent air recirculation fan management
  • Active heat recycling into room air and pool water via dehumidifier
  • Room air and pool water integral support heating provision
  • Central ventilation with room air recirculation


Phoenix MP Brochure