Our history

Experience you can trust

Heatstar have long been established as the market leader in the design and manufacture of modern, highly energy efficient, environmental control systems for swimming pools, with an enviable reputation for quality.

For over 40 years Heatstar have been guiding their clients towards responsible energy solutions for swimming pools, setting the benchmark in an environmentally conscious industry.

The heat pump as a heating method for swimming pools was developed by Tony Andrews, the founder of Heatstar and the father of current Heatstar Director Jackie Scott. His involvement was in response to increased energy awareness resulting from the 1973 oil crisis. His expertise came from his previous job as Chief Design Engineer at a large air conditioning manufacturing company. There, Tony was latterly responsible for creating fresh air and ground source heat pump design concepts for general heating applications .

Tony Andrews possessed the vision to appreciate the potential future market for energy saving products that could literally “produce heat out of thin air” and he also possessed the engineering expertise to design and produce a successful product.

In 1980 Tony Andrews launched his own business venture creating the first fresh air source heat pumps for dedicated application on swimming pools – The Heatstar “brand” was born.


The Heatstar brand name was formerly incorporated as a company in its own right.


The launch of the E200 combined heat pump dehumidifier marked a significant milestone in the evolution of swimming pool climate control systems, being the first product to offer ‘Total Environmental Control’ from a single, easily installed, unit.


Winners of Television South’s Business Enterprise Gold award.


Completion of new, purpose built, factory at Newport.


The E205 and E207 systems were added to the E200, to offer a full range of ‘packaged’ environmental control units.

The concept of the ‘packaged’ unit made on-site installation much easier, neater and removed any potential for error. The concept of the packaged unit is still utilised today and is now accepted as the norm.


Andromeda ‘flexible’ Environmental Control unit launched, a concept that is still utilised today. The Andromeda was a packaged unit, but with the added benefits of the flexibility of a multitude of different positions for the supply air discharge, control panel, pipes and maintenance access.


Following a long battle with cancer, this year marked the untimely death of Tony Andrews.


Heatstar Orion introduced as a direct response to the restrictions contained in the new electrical regulations and offered an alternative and convenient approach to dehumidification. The Orion is plant room based and uses a system of flexible ducting to draw and supply air from and to the pool room.


Heatstar Taurus introduced as a natural progression for the demand for increased capacity products for larger municipal pools and leisure centres.


Heatstar Phoenix introduced, a clever concept which offered increased fresh air ventilation using two separate methods of heat recovery. Initially a dehumidification heat pump and, secondly, a plate air-to-air heat recuperator.


Astral, one of the largest distributors of equipment for swimming pools in the world, appointed as exclusive UK pool trade distributor for Heatstar products.


Completion of extension to Heatstar factory - facility increased by half again in size.


Heatstar Pegasus 'designer' dehumidifier launched at Spatex.


Heatstar launch a special range of environmental control units specifically designed for use in conjunction with high efficiency condensing fuel boilers, operated at lower primary temperatures than conventional boilers.


Heatstar launch first UK manufactured swimming pool heat pump equipped with a titanium pool water heat exchanger.


Heatstar launch first swimming pool heat pump equipped with a 'heat booster' to ensure effective early season pool water heating.


Heatstar launch special range of environmental control units specifically designed for use in conjunction with ground source and air source heat pump boilers, operated at much lower primary temperatures than conventional boilers.


Heatstar launch Auto-fan concept, a system which can save significant electrical energy by only operating fans on full power when there is an actual demand.


Heatstar Gemini introduced as a response to ever increasing energy costs. The Gemini represented the most revolutionary system the industry had witnessed in over 15 years embracing all the latest developments in heat pump, fan and compressor technology to offer remarkably low operating costs and energy consumptions.


With another industry first, Heatstar incorporated the latest ‘EC’ ‘low energy’ fan technology. These fans combine brushless ‘Electronically Communicated’ motors with a frequency inverter. When coupled to a backward curved impellor, astonishingly low power consumptions can be achieved with 100% speed controllability.


Orbital Scroll ‘high efficiency’ compressors introduced. In the pursuit of ever improved efficiency, the manufactures of refrigeration compressor motors have progressively developed their products. The orbital scroll compressor now available in Heatstar systems represents the pinnacle of compressor energy efficiency.


UK Building regulation compliant Phoenix EC launched at Spatex. In direct response to the changes in legislation affecting indoor pools and the required efficiency of environmental control systems, Heatstar were the first in the industry to bring to market a dedicated new system able to easily pass these stipulations.


'Blue EC' 'On-Demand' ventilation introduced. Building on Heatstar's pioneering EC fan technology, a new system was introduced which maximised the benefits of the concept of 'On-Demand' ventilation, offering significant energy savings over comparable systems by only utilising increased fan power when a confirmed demand was sensed.


Hydrus AC, system for moving floor pools, launched. A first for the industry and in response to the increased popularity and availability of moving floors, the Hydrus has the capability to tackle the strenuous demands of a high temperature and moisture laden swimming pool room environment, whilst maintaining excellent energy efficiency.


LYNX introduced as an optional update for the controls. A state-of-the-art touch screen interface enabling to access and monitor their Heatstar system and providing remote access from anywhere around the world.


New look Andromeda EC launched with a new styling and finish more in keeping and consistent with rest of the Heatstar product range.


Phoenix MP introduced, a multi-pass system that is able to out perform alternative equipment formats by utilising two separate plate heat recuperators for increased potential for heat recovery from any pool room air exhausted to outside, along with offering enhanced ‘free’ cooling.


Heatstar celebrates its 40 year anniversary. A company that has grown and developed significantly, but has retained the principles of design, engineering and innovation with these continuing to be applied today.

The personal touch

Heatstar is a people-orientated company, placing great emphasis on a close relationship with both the trade and consumers alike. Our extensive knowledge and swimming pool application expertise provides unequalled support in the selection of an environmental control system, from quotation stage right through to commissioning and installation. But the support from Heatstar’s knowledgeable staff doesn’t stop there.

During the selection of a Heatstar system the Heatstar team offer extensive advice regarding any unusual or particular requirements to their project and are able to create a bespoke design and achieve the customers’ expectations.

Heatstar’s unique software can take into account practically every aspect of the design to provide a clear and transparent specification and estimation to annual energy consumption and running costs.


British made, applied worldwide

Quality is at the heart of every Heatstar system manufactured and the philosophy is simple — the best place to build our products is in our own UK factory by the people who have Heatstar’s values in their DNA and who can deliver Heatstar’s exacting standards in build quality and reliability. With Heatstar you know what you are getting and where it is originating from.

Heatstar currently export throughout Europe, USA, Russia, China and a multitude of other prominent territories.

In the United Kingdom Heatstar are proud of their long-term partnership with AstralPool UK. Since 2000 AstralPool having been providing assistance with the sales and distribution of Heatstar products, leaving Heatstar to focus on its core strengths — product development and innovation, quality manufacturing and exceptional after-sales service.