Gemini EC

1000 – 12000

‘All-in-One’ Renewable Energy Climate Control

The convenient ‘all-in-one’ environmental control solution for those seeking to incorporate a source of genuine renewable energy to provide efficient heating for both the room air and the pool water. The Gemini contains twin heat
pumps — an integral aerothermal fresh air source heat pump and also a combined dehumidifying/expelled room air heat pump.

Key features:

  • Integral Aerothermal fresh air source heat pump boiler
  • Integral dual function dehumidifying and expelled room air heat pump
  • ‘Direct-Contact’ heat pump technology.
  • ‘Blue-EC’ ultra-efficient digital inverter fan system
  • ‘Auto fan’ intelligent air recirculation fan management
  • Active heat recycling into room air and pool water via dehumidifier
  • Room air and pool water integral support heating provision
  • Central ventilation with room air recirculation


Gemini EC Brochure