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Will the system run from a 13amp supply?

Invariably not, the Heatstar systems generally have motors installed that have a much higher starting current than 13 amp, and therefore a 13 amp plug is not sufficient. You will require a MCB (miniature circuit breaker) rated sufficiently to suit the Heatstar system and an RCD (residual current device) to cover all of the equipment in the plant room.

Do the Heatstar systems come with a BMS system?

Heatstar systems can be fitted with a ‘Lynx Energy Management System’ controller which allows the user to access and interact directly with their Heatstar system, all from a clear single touchscreen display. The ‘Lynx Energy Management System’ has the ability to deliver user specific web pages to a PC or mobile device running internet browser software. This enables the user to access and monitor their Heatstar system over the internet from the other side of the world, and can be linked to any BMS system.

How will a pool that utilises a cover effect the Heatstar system?

A pool cover is one of the best things that can be installed to reduce running costs. When the cover is over the pool it helps to retain heat in the swimming pool and eliminates evaporation from the pool surface. This means that the Heatstar system can lower the air temperature to what is called a “setback” mode, which helps to conserve energy and lower running costs.

Can the system be installed in an outside environment?

Any Heatstar system can be fully weatherproofed using a high quality protective insulated casing, ensuring the system is able to cope with different climatic conditions.

Will I have to keep the Heatstar system running 24 hours a day?

Heatstar would always advise having the system running 24 hours a day in order for the system to sense the conditions of the pool hall and take action to control the environment.

Can the Heatstar system be connected to a heat pump?

If a heat pump boiler is to be used to provide the primary heat source, in place of a fuel boiler, then the Heatstar system must be designed especially to consider the lower heating water circuit flow temperatures offered. Invariably this will necessitate an increase in heat exchanger and airflow capacity. Typically, due to the comparatively warm air and pool water temperatures required for a swimming pool application, a minimum circuit flow temperature of 55°C will be required from the heat pump boiler. It is very important to ensure that the required design circuit temperatures are communicated to the heat pump boiler system suppliers.