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Monitor and adjust your pool comfort settings remotely with Heatstar’s LYNX internet remote control system

Cutting edge technology
Heatstar’s LYNX system is at the cutting edge of remote control and monitoring technology. The star at the centre of this technology is a state-of-the-art touch screen interface enabling users to access and interact directly with their Heatstar system all from a clear single screen display.

Based on a pioneering intuitive interface the full colour touch screen display gives users finger tip control of all control and monitoring functions. It also has the ability for users to alter temperature and humidity levels and adjust set points to suit both application and other requirements.

Imagine you have been delayed. You are driving home for a family pool session. The weather, so promising earlier, has now changed and the temperature is falling rapidly. You need to reset your pool air and water heating parameters but you are 250 miles away on the M4. With a LYNX energy management system, you simply pull into a service area, access your LYNX system on your mobile or other device and adjust the settings to whatever you like.

Simple design
The screen layouts and controls have been specifically designed with the user in mind for clarity and ease of use. The high-resolution colour touch display has been designed so that the user is never more than four touches away from the information they need. The home screen uses a clear dynamic colour scheme to denote the correct function of the Heatstar unit, allowing the user to see with ease whether the system is cooling, heating, or dehumidifying. Meanwhile, smart alarms serve to notify the user in the event of any service requirements.

Status and information screens are just a touch away allowing the user to see every function of the Heatstar system, including set points, fan speeds and current operating mode.

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January 1, 2021

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