Touchscreen controls now fitted as standard

Energy efficiency continues to be a major focus for the swimming pool industry and Heatstar continue to place themselves at the forefront of advances in this field through the utilisation of their Lynx Energy Management System.

The LYNX system from Heatstar is at the cutting edge of remote control and monitoring technology. The star at the centre of this technology is a state-of-the-art touch screen interface enabling users to access and interact directly with their Heatstar system all from a clear single screen display.

Since the LYNX system was introduced by Heatstar in 2018 their customer base has commented on how easy the system is to use, with users noting the ease of altering temperatures and humidity levels, and also adjusting set points to best suit their pool applications requirements.

Four years on from its introduction this year has seen Heatstar introduce these controls as standard across the Heatstar EC range, and without cost. That means the swimming pool trade can buy Heatstar systems in confidence knowing they will be getting the best energy efficiency with the very best in market leading technology controls.

Based on a pioneering intuitive interface the LYNX’s full colour touch screen display gives users fingertip control of all control and monitoring functions. It also has the ability for users to alter temperature and humidity levels and adjust set points to suit both application and other requirements.

The LYNX’s full colour touch screen layouts and controls have been specifically designed with the user in mind for clarity and ease of use. The high-resolution colour touch display has been designed so that the user is never more than four touches away from the information they need. The home screen uses a clear dynamic colour scheme to denote the correct function of the Heatstar unit, allowing the user to see with ease whether the system is cooling, heating, or dehumidifying. On top of this the system features smart alarms which serve to notify the user in the event of any service requirements.

It is worth noting that the traditional thermostat controls that Heatstar have successfully utilised across their product range previously are still available and can be requested during quotation of a new system.

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Posted On:

November 1, 2022