Heatstar's comprehensive quotation service

Ground source and fresh air source heat pumps

Every swimming pool application is different

And therefore a thorough assessment of each individual application is necessary to calculate the environmental control unit option best suited that will also offer the lowest possible energy consumption possible.

Heatstar offer a comprehensive quotation service where they take into consideration every aspect of the swimming pool hall, along with the primary heat source in place, to offer the most thorough estimation in relation to running costs. For Heatstar no amount of information is too much!

Heatstar can provide energy estimations working in conjunction with many different primary sources

For example, if a heat pump boiler is to be used to provide the primary heat source, in place of a fuel boiler, then the Heatstar climate control system must be designed specially to consider the lower heating water circuit flow temperatures offered. Invariably this will necessitate an increase in heat exchanger and air flow capacity. Typically, due to the comparatively warm air and pool water temperatures required for a swimming pool application, a minimum circuit flow temperature of 55°C will be required from the heat pump boiler. It is very important to ensure that the required design circuit temperatures are communicated to the heat pump boiler system suppliers.

Heatstar can also help with calculating the best compromise between primary duty and performance against mechanical requirements of the application to offer the lowest all-round energy consumption.

When you choose Heatstar, you can be confident every application’s pool hall environment will remain comfortable and productive, with low running costs and optimum energy efficiency.

Posted On:

April 28, 2022