Heatstar Hydrus AC - a specialist Environmental Control for moving floor pools

Introducing the Heatstar Hydrus AC

Multi-use pool rooms are now an established solution to optimise space usage within a property. The Heatstar Hydrus AC is specially designed to meet the markedly opposing environmental control demands of the room in its different modes of use.

The Hydrus AC has the capability to tackle the strenuous demands of a high temperature and moisture laden swimming pool room environment, whilst maintaining excellent energy efficiency. However, the Hydrus AC also features in-built facilities necessary to accommodate an entirely different environmental requirement for the room, suitable for functions, parties and many other uses.

Hydrus AC modes of operation:

  • Swimming Pool Mode When the moving floor is open and the pool is in full use the room can be heated (or cooled) by the new Hydrus AC to the temperature required. In this mode, although the Hydrus AC’s control settings are fully variable, a comfortable 30/32˚C can easily be maintained. In addition, during pool mode, correct dehumidification is vital. The Hydrus AC offers room dehumidification with active heat recycling back to air or pool water. High rate fresh air dilution is also a key benefit along with extremely energy efficient pool water heating.

  • Closed Floor Mode
    When the pool is not in use and the floor is closed the environmental control needs of the room are completely different. This is where the Hydrus AC is so adaptable. It is all about creating a comfortable environment for a wide variety of functions, parties and many other uses. The heating and cooling of the room has to be very flexible and comfortable. Usually the room air in this mode is heated or cooled to between 21 and 23˚C. The Hydrus AC includes stale air extraction and pool water heating can be maintained in a highly energy efficient way whilst the floor is in enclosed mode.

  • Dual function dehumidifying and expelled room air heat pump
    During swimming pool mode, the room air is re-circulated through the Hydrus AC by the integral fan. Inside the unit the humid room air is passed through the cold refrigerated coil matrix of the dehumidifying heat pump where, upon contact, the excess humidity condenses to cold water. Thus the air is dehumidified and de-energised prior to being returned back to the room and/or expelled to outside.

    The warm, moisture laden pool room air is rich in energy and the heat pump is able to absorb both 'Sensible' (dry heat) and 'Latent' heat (steam-like energy present within the airborne water vapour). This absorbed heat, together with ALL the electrical energy used to operate the dehumidifying heat pump, is then recycled back into either the room air OR the pool water. Active energy recycling efficiencies of up to 380% are possible through this process.

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Posted On:

November 2, 2023