Dedicated field service software the key

Heatstar have a well-deserved reputation for after-sales service personified by their fleet of specialist service engineers, based around the country, offering nationwide after-sales support for Heatstar’s environmental control systems.

Heatstar go one better in the pursuit of greater efficiency and faster response times for their customers with the use of field service management software. This software, named “call2field”, provides Heatstar’s after-sales service department and their service engineers with access, via smart phones and tablet devices, to all the facilities of the software speeding up paperwork and reducing response times.

The “call2field” software streamlines the service call management process and call logging and reduces delays to customers – all this whilst offering better notification of on-site issues.
This in turn enables more efficient scheduling and utilisation of engineers to give them more time to spend with customers, where needed, and allows better engineer skills matching to each job. Also, all jobs are now on one system with a seamless transfer of information on to the system and the added benefit of stock tracking. Last but by no means least, the software sends a useful “night before reminder” SMS to the customer alerting them to any planned visits the following day.

David Hayles, Heatstar’s Technical Manager says “Our customer’s needs are key – they demand appointment accuracy and a fast service. We need scheduling and field support software that is as impressive as our fleet of engineers. The “call2field” software enables us to increase the efficiency of the scheduling and despatching of our service engineers, saving time and money for all involved.”

Posted On:

September 23, 2021