Why Heatstar

A combination of industry knowledge,
experience and continued support
give Heatstar the edge.

Unrivalled Experience

Heatstar have been producing modern format packaged environmental control units longer than any other company and were amongst the first to become involved in this specialist field. In fact, Heatstar have produced heat recovery systems for swimming pools for over three decades. This experience is evident throughout the product range.

To date Heatstar has manufactured and supplied over 10,000 systems not only to the UK but also extensively abroad. Heatstar’s clients include many famous names and prestigious sites.

Heatstar only manufacture dedicated equipment for swimming pools and all products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Application Advice – from the experts

All quotations, selections and proposals for Heatstar systems are provided directly by knowledgeable Heatstar staff at the Heatstar factory. This is to ensure that there is no compromise in the quality of the information and support provided at this crucial stage in any project.

The comprehensive information provided to customers includes projections of consumptions of energy, fuel and even carbon emissions. Heatstar manufacture their products to be fully compliant with the latest building regulations and are able to offer comprehensive advice in this area. At quotation Heatstar will provide an assessment of the applicable building control regulation requirements and a compliance report for the proposed Heatstar system. Heatstar also provide customers with a commissioning requirement statement for the proposed pool system which can be included within the ‘commissioning plan’ for the whole project.

Heatstar’s unique application software fully supports the latest renewable energy initiatives and Heatstar are pleased to accommodate unusual heating water flow temperatures or system efficiencies relating to specific or unusual applications.

Heatstar also advise on aspects such as air distribution ducting and all elements of the pool hall building structure to ensure a completely successful application.

Tailor-made flexibility

Heatstar’s entire manufacturing facility and system has been designed from the outset to enable great flexibility in the orientation and configuration of each product. Units can be manufactured with many different types of orientation (to match existing ducting, plant room layout etc) and to cater for particular requirements.

Not only do the units have different design orientations, but also the physical structure of the machine can be altered to a horizontal construction or built in sections if plant room space or access is limited.

If there is no available plant room, then the unit can be weatherproofed using a protective insulated casing, ensuring the machine is able to cope with different climatic conditions.

Every unit Heatstar manufacture is tailored to the precise individual requirements of the application, obviating the need to under or oversize performance aspects or tolerate inappropriate equipment room layout, as can be the case with ‘off the shelf’ products.