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1000 – 12000

High Efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Centred upon a high efficiency ‘Cross Flow’ plate air-to-air heat recuperator, the XF utilises fresh air introduction to provide natural dehumidification and utilises the recuperator to maximise heat extraction from the expelled room air. The XF utilises the latest ‘Blue-EC’ ultra efficient intelligent digital inverter fan technology and is fully compliant with the latest building control regulations for both residential and non-residential applications

Central-ventilation with room air recirculation
UK Building regulations
Building regulations compliant : residential pools
Building regulations compliant : non-residential pools
Primary systems
Integral aerothermal fresh air source heat pump -
Dual function dehumidifying & expelled room air heat pump -
Dehumidifying heat pump -
High efficiency plate ‘Cross Flow’ air-to-air heat recuperator
‘Close-control’ precision fresh air ventilation management
Room air dehumidification method
Dehumidification via full rate fresh air induction
Dehumidification via heat pump -
Active heat recycling back to room air via dehumidifier -
Active heat recycling to pool water via dehumidifier -
Fan technology
‘Blue EC’ ultra efficient digital inverter fan system
‘Auto-fan’ intelligent air recirculation fan management
Illuminated blue LED fan viewing window
Adjustable air recirculation air flow
Expelled room air heat extraction method
Heat extraction via aerothermal heat pump -
Heat extraction via dehumidifying heat pump -
Heat extraction via ‘Cross Flow’ exchanger
Fresh air capability
Fresh air dilution provision
Fresh air ‘full rate’ ventilation capability
Air and pool water heating
Integral room air heating coil
Integral pool water heating coil
Suitable for low temperature primary heat from renewables
Suitable for salt water pool applications (titanium coils)
Suitable for salt water pool applications (titanium coils) *
Room air cooling capability
‘Free’ cooling via fresh air induction
Full mechanical cooling via integral fresh air condenser -
Part mechanical cooling via integral expelled air condenser -
Full ‘pre-packaged’ system with integrated controls
Configurations available
Vertical or Horizontal
Variable positioning for controls, pipe & air duct connections
Sectional ‘split’ units for where installation access is restricted *
Weatherproofed for external installation *
Remote control panel *

* = Option available

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