Below are answers to some common questions from people considering buying Heatstar equipment.

Will Heatstar provide expert product selection and application assessment?

Absolutely, for any potential application and without charge or obligation. Full calculations and product specifications are provided, including energy use and saving assessments, for each individual project.

How long will it take for Heatstar to provide a selection and quotation for a product?

Normally within 24 hrs of receiving all the required information and quicker if required. Proposals can be e-mailed, faxed or delivered by post as preferred.

Do Heatstar offer an on-site survey service for existing indoor swimming pools?

Normally yes, for any potential refurbishment or replacement application and without charge or obligation.

Do Heatstar publish standard product performance specifications?

For more basic product ranges standard specification are published and available. For the packaged indoor pool systems, because of the wide variation in specification possible for each element of the product, an individual full performance and technical specification will be issued, specific to each application.

Where can I purchase a Heatstar product?

Heatstar can place prospective clients in contact with experienced installers and distributors, throughout the World. Heatstar would normally only sell to recognised trade professionals and appointed agents.

What is the normal manufacture time from order?

Heatstar only build to order and typical lead time would be 4-6 weeks from confirmation of order and specification. If your requirement is more urgent, or a guaranteed delivery time is required, then please contact Heatstar, who will happily investigate the best available options.

Does Heatstar provide an installation service for the products?

Heatstar is predominantly a manufacturer and not in a position to offer any installation services. Heatstar can place prospective clients in contact with experienced installers as required. Heatstar will additionally provide a schedule of the actual installation services required for each product application on an individual basis.

Where are the Heatstar systems manufactured?

Heatstar only manufacture dedicated equipment for swimming pools and all products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK. Heatstar do not manufacture any aspect of the products in the Far East or Eastern Europe.

I have an unusual shaped plant room and / or difficult access – can the Heatstar unit be made to fit?

Heatstar specialise in manufacturing equipment to suit the unique requirements of the plant room and the available access. The layout and orientation of the Heatstar unit can be custom-made to match each individual application. Units can also be supplied in sections where necessary, for re-assembly in the plant room, and horizontal version are also offered.

What makes Heatstar different?

Proven exceptional quality products and services from a known and trusted company.

When customers require a quote or technical assistance they will be communicating directly to an expert Heatstar technician at the head office where all Heatstar’s equipment is manufactured.

Many of the latest energy saving innovations offered are unique to Heatstar.

Heatstar tailor the performance specification of each element of their units for the individual application, so customers are not needlessly receiving and paying for unwanted capacities.

Heatstar enjoy full and direct control of all after-sales on site commissioning and servicing using their own team of expert technicians.

Where would the Heatstar unit normally be positioned?

A typical packaged Heatstar indoor pool unit would normally be located in the dedicated swimming pool equipment plant room.

Can the system be installed in an outside environment?

Any Heatstar system can be especially manufactured to be weatherproof, using high specification thermal insulation and cladding, ensuring the system is able to cope with the anticipated external climatic conditions. A unit that is not especially specified and manufactured for the purpose cannot be located externally or within a particularly cold area.

Do I need to install air ducting?

The best indoor pool environments will usually depend upon the conditioned air provided from the Heatstar unit being evenly distributed around the pool room via a duct channel, with strategically placed grilles used to create air curtains across areas susceptible to condensation, such as external glazing. Heatstar will be pleased to advise upon the air distribution requirements for each application.

Do I have to use a pool surface cover ?

A pool cover is one of the best devices that can be installed to reduce energy use and, so, running costs. When a mechanical cover is over the pool surface it helps to retain heat in the swimming pool and restricts evaporation. This enables the Heatstar system to utilise a lower room air temperature during such periods, called a “setback” mode, which helps to further conserve energy.

If a pool surface cover is not to be used, then energy use would be appreciably increased and an up-rated Heatstar unit would typically require to be specified to manage the enhanced climate control demands.

Will I have to keep the Heatstar system running 24 hours a day?

Whilst the Heatstar should be available to operate at any time of day, all it’s functions are completely automatic and will only activate if there is an actual demand present. With the high efficiency EC model variants, the main fan is also controlled and regulated automatically.

Do I have to connect the Heatstar unit to an external primary heat source?

Whilst it is possible to specify a Heatstar unit with integrated electric heating, a more normal and efficient approach would be to connect the unit to an external heat source, such as a fuel boiler. If a condensing boiler with particularly low heating water circuit flow temperatures is being proposed, the Heatstar unit will need to be specified accordingly.

Can the Heatstar system be connected to a heat pump boiler? (ground or fresh air source)

Certainly. However, if a heat pump boiler is to be used to provide the primary heat source, in place of a typical fuel boiler, then the Heatstar system must be specified especially to consider the lower heating water circuit flow temperatures offered by the heat pump. Invariably this will necessitate an increase in heat exchanger and airflow capacity. Typically, due to the comparatively warm air and pool water temperatures required for a swimming pool application (30°C), a minimum circuit flow temperature of 55°C is likely to be required from the heat pump boiler. It is very important to ensure that the required design heating circuit temperatures are communicated to the heat pump boiler system suppliers. The heat pump will need to be able to deliver sufficient heat during cold weather to meet the anticipated heat loss of the application.

Can the Heatstar system be connected to other types of renewable heat sources?

Generally yes. Heatstar will be pleased to advise upon the best way of integrating alternative renewable energy systems.

Are Heatstar systems compatible with an external BMS controls systems?

Generally yes, although the Heatstar unit’s controls package is a full ‘stand alone’ management system in itself. Various signals and contacts can be specified, depending upon preference and system type.

Will the system run from a 13 amp supply?

Invariably not – the Heatstar systems generally have motors fitted that have a higher electrical load than 13 amps and should not be connected via a plug / socket arrangement. The Heatstar unit should be ‘hard wired’ and guarded by appropriately rated short circuit and residual current protection. Consult a qualified electrician if in doubt.

If I need information or advice regarding my Heatstar unit, where can I get this?

Please feel free to contact our technical department – we will be delighted to assist you anyway we can.

Can I get my Heatstar unit serviced?

Always. Heatstar employ their own team of dedicated service engineers to ensure expert and effective support on a nation-wide basis. Please feel free to contact Heatstar’s service department to book an appointment.

Can I be sure that my Heatstar unit can be serviced and maintained in the long term?

Absolutely. Heatstar can provide spare components for every product they have made, over nearly 40 years. The design of the products will continue to ensure the ease and practicality of long term maintenance, well into the future.

Does my new Heatstar unit come with a warranty?

Certainly. The Heatstar unit would be supplied with a full parts and labour on-site warranty, which can be extended indefinitely via the available maintenance agreements. Please contact Heatstar’s service department for further information on the various levels of contracts available.

How much do Heatstar charge to commission a new unit?

All Heatstar packaged units installed in mainland UK benefit from a free ‘commissioning’ visit by a Heatstar engineer, following installation, when both the swimming pool and pool room are at the correct temperature. Please contact Heatstar’s service department to book an appointment.

The ‘pool water cut out’ neon is illuminated on the Heatstar control panel, what does this mean?

This indicates that the pool water flow circulating through the Heatstar system is not sufficient. This can be caused by a normal progressive build-up within the swimming pool water filter, necessitating a filter back-wash, or there may be a fault with the pool filtration circuit. The Heatstar unit will return to normal operation automatically, after the issue with the water flow is resolved. Contact your swimming pool engineer if further assistance is required.

The ‘refrigeration or system cut out’ neon is illuminated on the Heatstar control panel, how do I resolve this?

If you look towards the bottom of Heatstar system units you will notice a sign indicating the re-set button. You will need to remove the black rubber grommet from the hole and push this red reset button. By doing so, the neon may switch off, indicating an overheating scenario (possibly caused by a blocked air filter or poor pool water flow). If the light does not go out after pressing the re-set button, the system may have suffered a loss of refrigerant. Please feel free to contact Heatstar for further information.