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Ducted Dehumidifier with Air and Pool Heating

Centred upon a dehumidifying heat pump, the Orion is designed to be located in an area adjoining the pool room and is supplied with a special ‘flexi-duct’ kit with grilles to enable the room air to be drawn into the unit and for the dry / heated conditioned air to be returned. The Orion is a convenient and effective dehumidification and heating solution for smaller residential indoor swimming pools or swim spas.

Central-ventilation with room air recirculation -
UK Building regulations
Building regulations compliant : residential pools
Building regulations compliant : non-residential pools -
Primary systems
Integral aerothermal fresh air source heat pump -
Dual function dehumidifying & expelled room air heat pump -
Dehumidifying heat pump
High efficiency plate ‘Cross Flow’ air-to-air heat recuperator -
‘Close-control’ precision fresh air ventilation management -
Room air dehumidification method
Dehumidification via full rate fresh air induction -
Dehumidification via heat pump
Active heat recycling back to room air via dehumidifier
Active heat recycling to pool water via dehumidifier -
Fan technology
‘Blue EC’ ultra efficient digital inverter fan system -
‘Auto-fan’ intelligent air recirculation fan management -
Illuminated blue LED fan viewing window -
Adjustable air recirculation air flow -
Expelled room air heat extraction method
Heat extraction via aerothermal heat pump -
Heat extraction via dehumidifying heat pump -
Heat extraction via ‘Cross Flow’ exchanger -
Fresh air capability
Fresh air dilution provision *
Fresh air ‘full rate’ ventilation capability -
Air and pool water heating
Integral room air heating coil
Integral pool water heating coil
Suitable for low temperature primary heat from renewables -
Suitable for salt water pool applications (titanium coils) *
Room air cooling capability
‘Free’ cooling via fresh air induction -
Full mechanical cooling via integral fresh air condenser -
Part mechanical cooling via integral expelled air condenser -
Full ‘pre-packaged’ system with integrated controls
Configurations available
Vertical or Horizontal
Variable positioning for controls, pipe & air duct connections
Sectional ‘split’ units for where installation access is restricted *
Weatherproofed for external installation *
Remote control panel *

* = Option available