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Nirvana Spa Resort

When you offer only the best to your customers, trust your environmental control systems to Heatstar

The multi-award winning Nirvana spa is one of three spas in the UK with its own underground reservoir of pure water feeding 15 individual water facilities, such as a spa pool, relaxation pool, fitness pool and hot tubs, with water clean enough to drink.

Heatstar Taurus energy recovery and dehumidification systems have been installed throughout Nirvana for several years and have proved to be extremely reliable. So, when Nirvana Spa chose to install a floatation pool, the Heatstar Taurus HP120 Super AR unit was an obvious choice. These units are specifically designed for large commercial pools providing all the environmental control, ventilation, heating and heat recovery required for a business such as Nirvana Spa.

Other added factors were that the Nirvana nine metre diameter “Celestial Flotation Pool” is the first large scale Dead Sea pool of its kind in the country. In order to offer a unique stress-reducing total body flotation experience the Nirvana flotation pool imports its salt content direct from the Dead Sea where people have experienced the health and relaxation benefits of this highly mineralised water for centuries.

The unit serving this pool has to be totally reliable in delivering a constant water and air temperature of 35o/36o. In addition the salt used to recreate the flotation experience of the Dead Sea to a specific gravity of 1.28 makes the interior environment of the unit very corrosive. Only a unit with the build quality of the Heatstar Taurus could easily cope with this situation. The final “seal of approval” for choosing a Heatstar Taurus was that Nirvana’s ME consultant also highly recommends Heatstar products.

Nirvana Spa Resort’s Maintenance Director, Neil Phelps, takes up the story: “Our main criteria for the environmental control unit serving the new flotation pool was total reliability from a well-built unit that would stand the test of time. Another major advantage of Heatstar units is that they can be tailored to our specific requirements.

This was particularly useful with this installation because our biggest problem was a narrow access route through the roof. Heatstar therefore made the unit in three sections so each section was lowered one at a time through the roof then we could bolt each section together once inside the roof space.

As a final point, speaking as a maintenance director, it is extremely reassuring to know that we have the excellent level of after sales service which Heatstar provides. However, I have to say, the unit has been trouble free since installation”.

This case study is reproduced by kind permission of Waterland Media Ltd, publishers of Pool and Spa Scene magazine, where the case study first appeared. Photography courtesy of Nirvana Spa.

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